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OK, OK.... I digress. The title isn't pleasant, but it grabbed ya! Your tastes are your own... But I'm sure you'll agree, if they're not like mine, then unfortunately the title still stands! Here is where I'll post reviews or commentary on either musicians or musical equipment from time to time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

They don't sell This Kind of Energy in a Can...

I give you a classic from Ted Nugent that is so easily overlooked. Right from the beginning, the guy is almost convulsing a natural energy that gives the simplest note  a life of it's own. From 2.00 on the time counter on, is an amazing guitar solo that, well, just doesn't seem to happen from anyone anymore. You certainly don't get that kind of on the spot charisma from any new musicians. If I find any, I'll make a new post eating crow, but for now my opinion still stands.

None of the old Ted Nugent or Amboy Dukes studio recordings could capture one ounce of the energy Ted could pump out on stage. To this day, with Ted in his 60's, he still generates a natural stage presence that few if any can generate in their prime. He may not be swinging around from a vine in his loincloth, strolling in on stage riding a buffalo, or jumping of of amp stacks anymore... But you can hear through every note, he's still the same guy that would.

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