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OK, OK.... I digress. The title isn't pleasant, but it grabbed ya! Your tastes are your own... But I'm sure you'll agree, if they're not like mine, then unfortunately the title still stands! Here is where I'll post reviews or commentary on either musicians or musical equipment from time to time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Led Zeppelin

What other band from any era has it's own period of time dedicated to it on rock stations? Anyone ever hear of get the Led out? I can't comment on the rest of the world, but in New England, every single rock station has a slot dedicated to play a block of Zeppelin. Particularly the stations out of Boston.

What can be said about Led Zeppelin that hasn't already been said? I guess one of  the many things that separate Led Zep from the rest would be musical diversity. They covered everything between fast paced rock like the song that wears it as a title 'Rock & Roll', to acoustic rockabilly songs like Hot Dog. You can't call them a heavy metal band because they were so much more.

It really is a shame that they didn't last just a little longer, having broken up after the death of their drummer John Bonham. They all went to do all their solo gigs... The most successful would seemingly be those of Robert Plant, who came out with hits like 'Tall Cool One' and some others less memorable. And Jimmy Page, who joined up with David Coverdale, then later joined forces  once again with Robert to form Plant & Page.

In my opinion, the magic is gone unless the three remaining original members (Plant, Page, & Jones) are together with Jason Bonham on drums. Musically, each knows how to compliment the other in every way, and frankly, just isn't the same when you hear them separately.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Gibson Guitar

There's never been any guitar that is as instantly recognizable as a genuine Gibson guitar. Awhile back I wrote a a quick bio on the topic. Check it out...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

They don't sell This Kind of Energy in a Can...

I give you a classic from Ted Nugent that is so easily overlooked. Right from the beginning, the guy is almost convulsing a natural energy that gives the simplest note  a life of it's own. From 2.00 on the time counter on, is an amazing guitar solo that, well, just doesn't seem to happen from anyone anymore. You certainly don't get that kind of on the spot charisma from any new musicians. If I find any, I'll make a new post eating crow, but for now my opinion still stands.

None of the old Ted Nugent or Amboy Dukes studio recordings could capture one ounce of the energy Ted could pump out on stage. To this day, with Ted in his 60's, he still generates a natural stage presence that few if any can generate in their prime. He may not be swinging around from a vine in his loincloth, strolling in on stage riding a buffalo, or jumping of of amp stacks anymore... But you can hear through every note, he's still the same guy that would.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alice Cooper inducted!

Firstly, let me touch off this blog with some congrats. Alice Cooper has made it into the Rock & Roll hall of fame through the 2011 inductions. I know this post comes a few months late, but Alice's induction came many years late. That makes me just in time... Because I said so.

I don't know how many HUGE rockers that get credit for lighting the torch for the shock/gore/theatrical/evil rock and roll style that grew from the early seventies, wound up somewhere confessing that they would have been a very different group without the influence of the Coop. The list starts with Kiss, Black Sabbath (per Ozzy), AC/DC (per Angus)... 

I have some current Alice Cooper stuff and it's like this...
If you got him then, you'll get him now. The humor's there, the different styles of music, last but not least straight forward Rock and Roll.  Long Live the Coop!
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